Viewing your data has never been this easy

Inventum3D. Web, Desktop and Mobile application.

Here at Mapability, we have developed an innovative and exciting application called Inventum3D. The software allows users to visualise and interact with 3D objects - by rotating, zooming, etc, in an instant "on", simple to use interactive 3D environment. Inventum3D is a powerful tool which can better explain concepts and tasks to a range of audiences, including government, interest groups, investors, clients and employees. Inventum3D can be accessed from a website or be installed and used on a range of platforms, including tablets, laptops and desktop computers..

Inventum3D can be used across a wide range of industries, including but not limited to Mining, Oil & Gas, Engineering, Architectural and Product Visualisation.

Users can modify the visual state of objects within a 3D scene by toggling the visibility and changing the colour of objects, changing the camera view, playing prerecorded camera paths, viewing object metadata and much more.

Combine different types of data. Interact with 3D models, imagery, point and polygon data all in the same 3D scene. Include text, diagrams and photos to assist you to get you story across to you audience.

Interactive 3D

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Why Inventum3D

Key Benefits

Powerful Interactive 3D Application.

Have your project data and 3D models always with you and available at the touch of a button. Inventum3D makes it easy for quick on-the-go presentations, and improves communication when conveying concepts and ideas. Direct your own ad hoc fly through and focus in on specific models and components within your 3D environment. With Inventum3D, you are in control.

Be part of new and exciting internet technologies which enable 3D interactivity to be delivered via the internet. Inventum3D runs in your browser which means you can easily share complex 3D data with a wide audience on your website or intranet on a variety of devices. Not only is an engaging way to display data, but it also adds a unique experience to users viewing your website or intranet..

Inventum3D makes it easy for Health and Safety training. View your workshop or plant with on screen information showing procedures and best practices that employees should follow.

Inventum3D Features

Features Include...

  • Enables the user to visualise and interact with data sets in 3D space
  • Can be viewed on any computer or touch device with a modern browser and hardware
  • Is a powerful visual tool for presentations
  • view complex project scheduling information in a way that's easy to understand
  • Includes standard 3D navigation controls - orbit, pan & zoom
  • Autopan tool for easy navigation
  • Has a dynamic labelling system
  • Supports a live connection to a backend SQL database
  • Is simple to use - 5 minutes to learn with fast loading times
  • Is customisable - additional functionality can be added by in-house programmers to suit your needs. Functionality and visualisation can be customised to tie into your existing systems.
  • Provides useful tools for measuring and inspecting data.
  • Object metadata view
  • Object layer controls
  • Preset camera views
  • Preset animation paths, with animation controls
  • High quality 3D environment - visually pleasing and professional looking
  • Designed and optimised for Windows 8 tablets and PC's