3D Printing

Mapability takes pride in being the first studio in Perth to offer both 3D animation and 3D printing services to our clients. Our dual extrusion MakerBot printer is capable of printing two colours at the same time, allowing for detailed and eye-catching prints. We can also print models using opaque or translucent filament. Many kinds of models can be printed, including ore bodies, houses, mechanical pieces and piping. Such 3D printed models have been used for technical briefings, presentations and demonstrations, or used as an ornamental display piece in office receptions, conference booths or boardroom tables.

MakerBot.3D printing technology..

Have your models printed using our in-house 3D printer – the MakeBot Replicator 2X. Accompanied with MakerBot software, we can print your models to a specified scale and colour.

3D Printer
3D Printer

Dual Extrusion. Double the colour.

Print with two different colours on a single model thanks to MakerBot’s dual extrusion capabilities.

Adhesive Friendly. Glue larger prints together.

Larger models can be printed in pieces, and then glued together using generic superglue.

Generic placeholder image
Generic placeholder image

Choose your colours. Wide range of choices.

There are several colours available to choose from when printing your model. From bright orange and yellow, to dark blue and purple, you decide which colour best suits your requirements. We also can print in black and white, translucent red or orange, as well as glow-in-the-dark blue or green!

Eye catching. Stand out at events

Need to catch people’s attention at a conference or meeting? 3D printed models are a sure eye-catcher and can help in generating interest and discussion.

Generic placeholder image
Generic placeholder image

Technical briefings. Hold it in your hands.

Having a tactile representation of your data can be used in explaining technical concepts and ideas, which would otherwise be difficult to demonstrate.